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You provide the sensor package, and tell us when and where. We can either fly flight routes you provide, or optimize them for you from a group of boundaries. We are concentrated in the Midwest covering ND, SD, KS, CO, IA, IL, MI, MN, WI, IN, OH, KY, MO, & AR.


Although we operate many different aircraft models and customer camera systems, we like to use Pipers. We place camera holes in the baggage area to keep your valuable equipment inside the cabin where it stays clean, protected, and in a controlled climate.



We are a group of pilots, mechanics, and engineers who love airplanes. We are also deeply rooted in agriculture, and have experience farming. Simply stated, we understand the importance of high quality imagery delivered on a timely basis for agriculture. Looking for career opportunities? We are always looking for great pilots.



Ag Air Imaging specializes in providing a platform of either manned aircraft or drones to carry your desired camera equipment. We are well trained and have experience in operating many different sensor packages. Our team of aircraft mechanics and engineers can adapt our aircraft to meet most any needs, and our commercial pilots stand ready to meet your specific schedules. Just tell us "where and when," and we'll capture and deliver your imagery, how you want it.

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Ag Air Imaging, LLC

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