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Aircraft In Service

Piper Arrows

The heart of our fleet the Piper Arrow is a dependable workhorse with excellent characteristics and economy for aerial imaging missions. Many pilots are familiar with this airframe from flight training and the transition to our mainline flight operations is easier with a familiar aircraft.

Piper Cherokee Series

Arrows are our primary aircraft, but the others in the Piper Cherokee series are our goto for dependability and fleet maintenance efficiency. The low wing also offers excellent stability and visibility.

Cessna 172 Series

Cessna 172 aircraft are time-tested, reliable high-wing design with average fuel consumption numbers well suited for aerial survey missions. These are popular with taller pilots and companies looking for strut-mounted camera packages.

Piper Apaches 

Apache airframes are robust and dependable they are ideal for heavier payloads or those sensor systems that need to carry a research operator in addition to a pilot.

Experimental Aircraft

We are working with the EAA, FAA, and Ag Industry partners to break down the commercial regulatory barriers preventing us from flying the most fuel efficient and best camera aircraft  for agriculture.

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