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Ag Air Imaging specializes in providing a platform of manned aircraft to carry your desired camera equipment. You provide the sensor package, and tell us "when and where." We can either fly flight routes you provide, or optimize them for you from a group of boundaries. We typically charge by the flight hour, or by the mile, but can adapt easily to meet your specific needs. Just give us a call or get in contact with us to let us know what you're looking for.

Season-Long Contracts

We typically have twice the capacity of what is required for your particular job. This enables us to catch up quickly when Mother Nature is not cooperating with your schedule.

Fleet Management

We are constantly on the lookout for Piper Arrow and Cherokee series aircraft. We are serious buyers with a preference for airworthy examples that may be out of annual and needing a new home. We love our fleet and it shows.

Aircraft Maintenence

With A&P/IA mechanics on staff, we keep our fleet airworthy and safe.

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